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Tilt Pack

School:California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo
Team:Trevor McGall, Serena Pu, Kylie Wong, Karen Zheng

Navigating standard shrink wrap packaging can be a challenging obstacle for consumers. Consider shrink film products like the 10-pack juice box: after removing the film, consumers are left to individually place the juice boxes within the fridge. It can be frustrating to find a way to arrange the boxes in a way where the consumer can easily access the beverages while still being able to see the remaining amount left. Consumers will always choose to throw away the packaging if it is deemed too much of a hassle to deal with. This idea is why we designed our package to be easy and rewarding to use.

Our team designed a solution to allow for easier accessibility while also enhancing the visual experience of the juice boxes. The redesigned packaging highlights an innovative shrink wrap and paperboard dynamic which creates an angled display of all the boxes at once. While the paperboard provides the tilt of the display, the configuration of the shrink wrap maintains the visibility of the graphics and holds the juice boxes at that angle. Our graphic design reflects the tropical fruit flavors of the lychee and guava juice to appeal to both children and their supporters alike. The color palette is color-blind friendly, and the colors used appear throughout the case and juice boxes for a cohesive look.

We were able to lessen the environmental impact of this project by reducing the amount of shrink wrap used and utilizing recyclable paperboard. This utilization of paperboard also allowed us to include additional features such as the tilt, an easy-to-use handle, and a tear strip and perforation to facilitate removal of the top flap. These features were all included in a compact and minimal die line to lessen the amount of material used.

Our team’s packaging redesign featuring intelligent shrink wrap, innovative tilt technology, and playful design combines to create The Total Package.

Design Rationale Document