Dunkin' Hot Ready-To-Drink

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Dunkin' Hot Ready-To-Drink

School:Clemson University
Team:Lizzie Gale, Hayden Kelley, Alexandria Stein

Dunkin’ Hot Ready-To-Drink
Clemson University
Lizzie Gale, Hayden Kelley, Alexandria Stein

Life can be fast-paced and on-the-go and that lifestyle requires a convenient way for coffee lovers to enjoy their beverages.

Our challenge was to design a new sustainable, recyclable primary package to hold a ready-to-drink hot beverage for Dunkin’ Coffee. Currently, the market has refrigerated coffee drinks but no option for consumers who want hot coffee. Part of the challenge was also finding a way to heat the beverage in the microwave but then be able to grab it immediately as it finished heating up without burning one’s hands.

Coca-Cola’s mission is to refresh the world, to inspire moments of optimism and happiness, to create value, and make a difference. Coca-Cola owns over 350 brands and of those brands, Dunkin’ Coffee is looking for a new package that will still be brand recognizable. In order to fulfill this mission and challenge, our group decided to create a Tetra Pak carton with an ergonomic handling design and tear-off spout for consumption. There is a sleeve interlocked around the container to protect the consumer from burning their hands. Instructions on one of the side panels indicate to the consumer to remove the sleeve from the perforations before heating in the microwave for two minutes. After those two minutes, the consumer can reattach the sleeve and lock it in place for safe handling. The packaged beverage would be sold on the shelf with the sleeve attached by perforations and locked around the container. The Dunkin’ graphics are still visible when the sleeve is not in use and simplified instructions are also noted on the sleeve. Once the consumer attaches the sleeve, they just have to lift up the drinking spout indicated in orange and tear the orange piece off from the perforations. This orange tear strip also serves as tamper evidence for safe drinking. Next, the consumer pinches the corners of that panel and can enjoy the hot espresso drink on the go.

This sustainable Tetra Pak container is made of FSC paper and a plant-based polymer coating. When the consumer finishes their hot Dunkin’ drink, they can empty the contents, recycle the sleeve, and recycle the container by returning it to a local Dunkin’ store to be delivered to Tetra Pak. The convenient, lightweight size uses a limited amount of material, which keeps the cost of manufacturing low. The product size also allows for an ergonomic grip and easy placement in a cupholder.

Customers may not know that they want a beverage to heat up later when they are in a rush until they see this new Dunkin’ product on the market. This product design is consistent with the Dunkin’ branding: curved panels to resemble Dunkin’s rounded bottles, gradient of orange colors and “D”s to associate the package with the coffee ground packaging, and the symbols of America and a person running. Dunkin’ has loyal customers that will trust this new product reveal, and new customers will be attracted to this eco-friendly, ergonomic, and eye-catching product.

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