The Tear and Share Caddy

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The Tear and Share Caddy

Team:Trevor Zeyen, Tate Winkelmann

The Tear and Share Caddy is a simple design created to support the share a Coke campaign. We started the design competition the hour it came out. Brainstorming ideas went very well, but we ended up landing on the tear and share mini can caddy.

Picture this: It’s a beautiful day outside and you and a sibling decided to visit the local park. You both are thirsty for a sweet treat, so you decide to stop at the local gas station. There are so many choices for drinks, but one specifically stands out. The Share a Coke Tear and Share. The idea of having two cokes in one easy to carry box and cady beats any other drink product available. So, you and your sibling decide to purchase the Coke mini tear and share.

The tear and share is two small paper board boxes connected on an edge with perforation down the top and back side of the package. The perforation allows for an easy split right down the middle, but it is strong enough along the edge to keep the boxes together. One of the outstanding features of the tear and share is the top. The unique design allows the top to be folded up and converted into a handle. The two boxes then fold sideways along the perforated edge turning the pair of boxes into an easy-to-carry beverage caddy. The reason for the box to be folded into a caddy, is because it easily can fit on a single channel drink rack. Therefore, the package can be converted into a caddy to fit them. When it’s sitting side by side with the top on, it can be sold on flat shelves. The multi-use design is simplistic, yet very complex and broadly marketable.

Design Rationale Document