The Red String of Fate

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The Red String of Fate

School:Michigan State University
Team:Emma Dayton

The Red String of Fate

The Story: "Legend has it that there is an invisible red string that connects us to those destined to meet, regardless of the time, place, or circumstance.” Derived from Asian folklore, the package unfolds a tale about two individuals unable to reach each other but bound by a red string. Removing the Coca-Cola bottles reveals the legend, allowing the characters to finally unite with a hug. By pulling the string bows, Coca-Cola drinkers get two red strings to tie on each other, fostering connections. This promotes the idea of "Share a Coke and Share a String," creating a unique opening experience with Coca-Cola packaging.

The Brand: As an American tradition involves making bracelets as a symbol of friendship, Coca-Cola, being a global company, aims to bring people together across cultures. As an Asian American, I aimed to integrate this ethos into the package to nurture lasting relationships and strong brand loyalty. Coca-Cola's global reach serves as a powerful platform to share stories from cultures worldwide.

The Pack: The packaging is made of high-grade clay-coated paperboard, double-sided offset printed. This material was chosen for its existing presence in Coca-Cola's packaging portfolio, decreasing complexity between supply, manufacturers, and consumers. Designed for fluctuating temperatures, the double-sided printing increases water resistance and provides additional branding space with a smooth texture. It's curbside recyclable as a flat sheet, assembled with 3M 913 repulpable double-sided splicing tape, to be recyclable with paper. The twin can display pack encourages reuse, offering an interactive consumer experience, sharing the legend of The Red String of Faith, and repurposing the string as a bracelet or anklet. The graphics align with Coca-Cola campaigns, featuring a simple yet classic design and colors. The exterior design draws inspiration from Asian wave art, displaying the 'Share a Coke' tagline and logo to catch the eye of an on-the-go consumer easily accessing a twin pack from the cooler section.

Thank you for your consideration 

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