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Tear & Share

School:Virginia Tech
Team:James L., John P., Mateo S.

Tear & Share Coke Mini
For our structural design, we wanted to create something simple, durable, and easily manufacturable. We settled on a 100% paperboard design that is easy to carry, tear, and share. We designed our package to hold the cans at the lip and bottom. We wanted to keep the sides of the package open to display the cans. We added small bars on the sides for extra structural support and security. They were also an opportunity to add creative graphics. There are carrying holes on each side of the package. The intention is to be able to grip the package in one hand. The focal point of our packaging is the “tear mechanic”. The idea is to put your thumbs into the carrying holes and tear the box in half. Then you can easily remove the drinks from the package or drink them as they are.

For our graphics, we wanted to emphasize sharing. At the bottom of the front of the package we put the phrase, “Tear & Share”. On the side support bars we wrote “A New Way to Share”. We kept the rest of the graphics simple. The front of the package includes the classic Coca-Cola logo, along with the “mini” branding and the “Tear & Share” phrase. Nutrition facts, recycling information, and the barcode were all placed on the back of the package. We also put the “mini” branding on the back using a repeating pattern. We wanted to preserve the essence of the simple Coca-Cola branding.

Overall, our packaging provides an easily manufacturable and shippable solution. It is durably made from 100% recyclable materials. It also puts a heavy emphasis on sharing through the “tear mechanic” and the graphical focus on sharing.

Design Rationale Document