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School:University of Florida
Team:Dalena Nguyen, Spencer Serrano, Yurong Huang, Conrad Wyrick

In the world of shared moments and meaningful connections, nothing speaks quite like the gesture of offering a refreshing Coke. Our innovative design not only facilitates this act of appreciation but does so with an eye toward sustainability and convenience, showcasing Coca-Cola's World Without Waste initiative.

Introducing the Snap-and-Share Dual Can System: a groundbreaking packaging solution designed to bring people together over the simple joy of a cold Coke. Our system utilizes snap caps crafted from 100% recycled and recyclable high-density polyethylene (rHDPE), a testament to our commitment to robust, reusable, and fully recyclable materials. This design features a novel approach where a single snap cap unites two 7.5oz Coke mini cans—one placed upright, the other inverted and securely "snapped" into place on top. This creates an easy-to-handle duo, ready to be shared at any moment, making it perfect for any social setting, from a casual lunch break to an intimate gathering.

Drawing inspiration from traditional plastic can carriers, our design transcends the limitations of conventional packaging. While those carriers cater to larger quantities, our Snap-and-Share system is uniquely suited for the compact spaces of convenience store coolers, without compromising on visibility or accessibility. Our assembled height of 8.5 inches ensures a perfect fit among a wide range of beverage options, offering standout visibility and convenience.
What sets our design apart is its unprecedented "wow" factor—its ability to transform a simple act of sharing a Coke into a memorable, engaging experience. This isn't just a beverage offering; it's a conversation starter, a novel way to say, "I appreciate you" and a means to break the ice — literally and figuratively. The design's intuitive nature invites the act of sharing as not just a gesture of kindness but an enjoyable and satisfying experience.
Moreover, our Snap-and-Share system addresses hygiene concerns head-on. By covering the tops of both cans, we significantly reduce the exposure of the drinking area to contaminants, ensuring that every sip is not only shared with joy but also with peace of mind.

Our approach is more than a design; it's a new way of experiencing Coke. It's about making every moment of sharing not just an act of giving but a memorable experience that strengthens bonds. This is designed to redefine the market, offering a unique, sustainable, and exciting new way to "Share a Coke." With its debut, we're not just offering a product but inviting consumers to partake in a movement—a movement towards more meaningful connections, one snap at a time.

Design Rationale Document