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Shareable Soda 2 Pack

School:Cal Poly Slo
Team:Maya Lojo, Ella Crespo, Ainsley Gavin, Shree Lankipalli, Naomi Halperin

Our package is an on-the-go two-pack soda holder that can be broken apart to share with another person. The main idea behind the design was to create a package that could bring people together and encourage people to share Coca-Cola during any occasion or event.

On the front of the package, there are silhouettes of two people holding hands with the words “Share A Coke” along their arms. Once the package is torn apart due to perforations down the center, the package breaks apart into two separate components. After the hands are torn apart to separate the cans, there is a strip that unfolds like a banner containing a message. In each message, it states “a laugh”, “a memory”, or any occasion to share a coke. As a result, the package would read “Share a laugh with A Coke” or “Share a memory with A Coke” when fully expanded.

The package design features a base with a snap lock bottom and two glue tabs down the back of the base. The lid is assembled with two glue tabs on the sides, and adhered to the base with two glue tabs on the front and one along the back panel. The handles are cut out from the lid and lie flat before use. The package can be stacked on shelves in the soda aisle or be placed in a soda display fridge.

Design Rationale Document