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School:Georgia Institute of Technology
Team:Angela Wrigley, Rachel Weitzel, Matt Manalo, Gary Ross Johnson

In the past, the Share a Coke campaign primarily featured its Coca-Cola bottles. Compared to the traditional can, the underutilized recyclable Coca-Cola mini is made of less material. Through intense research and ideation, FOUR* created Share-a-Sip: the world’s first innovative two-can package that prioritizes user-interaction.

When reviewing the prompt, FOUR* really empathized with and embodied the fun experience associated with sharing a Coke through a message revealing who to share a Coke with next. Taking inspiration from Coca-Cola's previous marketing, Share a Sip carries the theme of personal messages into its design.

During early ideation, three main themes became apparent; stackability, sustainability, and user interaction. The ‘Z’ fold in the design creates a stable hold of both cans while retaining their innate stackability. FOUR* prioritized this feature through the design process, not wanting to disrupt a finely tuned system.

The decision to switch from plastic rings to paperboard was made early on, but this switch was not made mindlessly. Plastic packaging infamously poses a risk against the safety and well-being of wildlife. FOUR*’s design is made from repurposed paperboard to highlight the sustainability interwoven into “Coca-Cola's World Without Waste.” Designed to use minimal material, the negative space in the package allows for clear viewing of both the Coca-Cola logo and the nutrition facts. Our decision to omit finger-holes and handles was in-line with our philosophy to maintain minimal use of material, allowing for a more sustainable package.

Most importantly, the user interaction is paramount in getting the ‘fun’ aspect in Share-a-Sip. The user is invited to release the cans by removing the top tab. This reveals a message that suggests an individual the user can share this duo of Cokes with.

Combining function and an attention to user experience, Share-a-Sip’s refreshing package experience is sure to succeed in convincing buyers to pause and share a moment with those they care about.

Design Rationale Document