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Share a Mini

School:University of Cinicinnati
Team:Samantha Vogeler, Elizabeth Moberly, Mackenzie Haynes, Stephen Niland, David Jones

In 1886, Dr. John Pemberton delivered a sweet syrup to a small pharmacy in downtown Atlanta, a syrup that would change soda forever. That syrup created the very first glass of Coca Cola.

A lot has changed in 138 years. Glass bottles became infamous and hard to come by, countless new sodas and coke flavors were created under the Coca Cola brand, mini cans and self-serve machines were invented, and the company has become a global phenomenon. Amongst all that change and innovation, however, one thing has remained the same: what Coca Cola stands for.

Cokes were never meant to be drunk alone. They represent bringing people together, celebration, laughter, love, and community. For this particular challenge, however, we were asked to look on a scale much smaller than a family reunion or a Superbowl party. We were asked to look, think, and design in pairs of two.

Not the massive parties. Not the hustle and bustle of 20 people grabbing at cans. Just two.

This package is meant for the little memories. The memories that you can only share with another person, the memories that you don’t expect until they’re already behind you. Memories of making smores over a charcoal fire pit on a summer night with your mom or dad. Memories of a late night take-out meal, sitting on the floor with your husband or wife after moving into a new apartment. Memories of sneaking downstairs as a kid for a midnight snack and drink, only to find your older sibling already sitting at the table. Memories of watching the sun setting over the beach with your best friend, taking in a moment you may never experience again. Memories that you and I have yet to imagine.

We knew this packaging was more than just a package. It’s an opportunity. An opportunity to encounter a special moment, slow down, and take it all in. We believe our product can help make that memory even better.

The two-can holder is compact, perfect for spontaneous road trips or fitting perfectly into the final space in the cupboard. The packaging is made from 100% recyclable cardboard, and fits two mini cans perfectly to eliminate any unnecessary material. Curved holes around the edges of the package allow shoppers to quickly see what flavor of Coke lies inside, and with a rectangular design, the packages can easily be stacked on store shelves.

Our design is simple, yet highly effective. Our objective was to create a unique, easily identifiable package design for a pair of cans, and we believe that this design could lead the Coca Cola brand into a new market of consumers, and a new way to share the beloved soda.

We were asked to create a container for two mini Coke cans. We believe we’ve made something else. Our creation is not just a product on a shelf, but an experience, a memory maker, and maybe, if you’re lucky enough, a way to slow down the perfect moment.

Design Rationale Document