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Share a Coke with a hello

School: Miami Ad School
Team:Zalika Yavlinskiy

Why enjoy a Coke to yourself when a spark of human connection happens when there’s two to share? Two friends meet, it’s a rush of joy, and a greeting is exchanged. There’s a rekindling of laughter, their smiles create a shared moment, and a bond is forged with a dap. Slap, Slide, Hook!

The design concept for connecting two mini 7.5 fl oz Coca Colas uses the shared experience of a greeting to combine a familiar recognition with the practical use of sustainable packaging.

The packaging is crafted from biodegradable, 100% recycled materials and a water-soluble vegan ink. No glues, harmful inks, or any other product than itself. It uses an interlocking tab to hold itself together until two friends pull in opposite directions, making a last contact with a triangular tab emulating the last touch of fingertips. And snap! The two Cokes are now shared and it is time to enjoy that first fresh, crisp sip.

This design choice aims to elevate the consumer experience, turning a routine act of grabbing a drink from the fridge, or the store shelf, into a memorable and enjoyable moment. The recyclable packaging aligns with Coca Cola's commitment to sustainability, encouraging users to be environmentally conscious while having fun with the snappy experience of unlocking the two minis.
The world was made in pairs, and there’s nothing better than connecting with a friend. Nod, Fist, Bump!

By merging sustainability with a touch of fun, our design transforms the mundane into a new, amusing, life-centered designed experience that fosters a sense of connection with the people around you and the planet we love. Share a Coke with a small hello, and leave the world with a big smile.

Design Rationale Document