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Love Bites by ParcelPals - Submission for WestRock

School:Toronto Metropolitan University
Team:Aisharja Chowdhury, Anjali Persaud, Urooj Khan, Joey Low

48hr Repack
Design Rational

Introducing Love Bites, a chocolate packaging designed to cater to all consumers, regardless of their abilities. While chocolate is a quick and easy-to-eat snack perfect for on-the-go, opening the packets can be a challenge for many consumers. With approximately 1.3 billion people worldwide living with some form of disability, it is essential to address the difficulties associated with plastic packaging.

Our packaging is built on inclusive and universal principles, focusing on creating a design that is easy to identify, open, hold, and use, regardless of the user's physical or cognitive abilities. We recognize that love knows no boundaries, and our commitment extends to making our packaging accessible to everyone.

The primary package features a unique half-heart design with glue tabs utilizing a trapezoid fold and a tuck-end flap for secure closure. This not only facilitates easy opening but also provides an ergonomic hold, fitting comfortably in the consumer's hand. Additionally, a spout dispenser has been integrated for effortless pouring, ensuring a delightful and accessible chocolate experience for everyone.

The accompanying sleeve incorporates a convenient push tab, allowing consumers to easily separate it using the side of their hand. This sleeve accommodates two products from our primary packaging, each featuring different flavors – strawberry and blueberry. When combined, these individual packages form a full heart.

In both the primary and secondary components, we prioritize inclusivity by using paperboard. Braille and QR codes have been incorporated into our design, enhancing the overall user experience. Love sees no identity, and our packaging reflects this philosophy.

Our creative and marketing strategy centers around the upcoming Valentine's Day, a time when chocolates are widely purchased. We tailored our design to align with this event, creating packaging that celebrates love. The option to share a heart or enjoy individual packs makes it versatile for various preferences. Colors were chosen strategically, considering color blindness and contrast, using tools like the Adobe Illustrator Color Blindness Proof Setup to ensure visible color contrast for an easy and enjoyable experience.

Our mascots, Strawberry and Blueberry, embody the essence of our brand, symbolizing the diverse and inclusive nature of Love Bites. Typography choices prioritize accessibility, utilizing fonts like Arial for essential information and selecting a readable font for our brand identity. To maintain consistency and adhere to accessibility guidelines, we followed the RGD AccessAbility Handbook.

In summary, Love Bites is more than just chocolate packaging; it's a celebration of love, accessibility, and inclusivity. We strive to make the experience of enjoying chocolate easy and enjoyable for every consumer, regardless of their abilities or preferences. Our commitment is reflected in a design that prioritizes ease of use, ensuring that Love Bites is accessible to all.

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