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School:Miami Ad School - Atlanta
Team:Tommy Aliota, Alice Mullen, Juan Cotte Mena, Peter Lombara

The LeverEdge is a simple, easily manufactured solution for deceptively difficult product packaging. Many containers already have solutions for ease of opening, but these tend to exclude those without the use of finer motor skills, and rely fully upon your own finger strength. The LeverEdge gives you an extra point of contact that uses your existing strength, and the power of physics, to help you open even the trickiest of packaging. It’s kind of like a pickle jar opener, but for boxes.

It’s made up of a small piece of reinforced cardboard, with a thumb grip on the user end, and a quick-bonding adhesive on the other. You stick the adhesive onto the packaging, then either gently pull, or use the newfound leverage to your advantage. This design can also be affixed to the packaging itself by the manufacturer, making for a standardized feature for across all brands and all types of containers.

Our prototype shows the LeverEdge being used on a canister of instant oats. Normally, one would have to place their fingers under the lip of the canister’s lid, and exert with their fingertips to open. The LeverEdge was placed on the corner of the lid and, using a small amount of force, the lid can be pried open. What’s more, you don’t even have to use the adhesive, just plac

Design Rationale Document