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Hand Some Goods.

School:Miami Ad School
Team:Nicole de la Hoz,


“Thoughtful flavor – without the fuss”

In our consumerist world, convenience is a leading factor in both purchasing decisions and product development. If you ask the average able-bodied human what convenience means to them, it will probably involve some form of getting what they want, as fast as possible. What does convenience mean for those with something unique about them? Disabled humans, although a broad spectrum, deserve convenience that is empowering while not sticking out as “different.” Much of the accessible packaging industry provides an alternative, rather than an equally attractive solution. Hand Some Goods aims to mend a hole in the convenient snacking world for disabled bodies while thoughtfully curating a beautiful brand experience.

The driving force behind our mission isn’t one disability, but rather a collective of challenges that affects millions. Young adults, grandparents, children, marathon runners, teachers, hikers alike. Each human with a desire to be nourished without limitations. It started with a fan favorite snack, granola, and continues with a grab-and-go accessible solution.

Introducing, the Hand Some Goods quick release and resealing tab design, dubbed the “one handed solution for all.” Each step of the consumption process is considered accessible for those with limited dexterity. Starting with a simple pull off the shelf, this granola snack will transfer to carts with one movement. Using our intentionally oversized tabs, opening the package takes one simple “push” to open. Enjoying the Hand Some granola comes with a “controlled pouring” mouth complete with large holes big enough for a bite, small enough to stop spillage or over pouring. Finally, pop the tabs back into place to save the rest for later. All it takes is a “push, pop and pour!” Humans considered in our design thinking include, but are not limited to: amputees, Parkinson’s survivors, older folks, kids, and anyone that may have trouble opening typical packaging. Overall, Hand Some’s goal is a seamless snack to mouth experience.

Atop a thoughtfully designed pouch sits a blueberry party and empowered mascot. Beyond taking inspiration from the ingredients themselves, Hand Some Goods aims to create packaging that exudes a punchy yet playful persona. And blueberry is just the start! Soon, a variety of flavors will be available to satisfy every craving, each with its own inclusive mascot and fresh monochromatic flavor theme. Hand Some Goods sees our granola hanging at Whole Foods, Target, gas stations and more! We cannot wait to see where our fearless humans take us!

Design Rationale Document