Dual Can "Share a Coke" Packaging – The Hangout Pack

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Dual Can "Share a Coke" Packaging - The Hangout Pack

School:Rochester Institute of Technology
Team:Omkar Kokatay, Tanushree Roy Daga, Kanishka Sahu, Nikkhil Pandey

Project – Coca – Cola : Dual Can "Share a Coke" Packaging
School Name – Rochester Ins<tute of Technology
Team – Fusion KNOT
Team Member – Omkar Kokatay, Tanushree Roy Daga, Kanishka Sahu and Nikkhil Pandey
Coca-cola is all about sharing moments of happiness. Whether it is a daily chore or a big
celebration, Coca-cola adds magic to it. Our concept has been borrowed from this very
essence where a quick drink can change the flavor of the day.
In a world where convenience shapes what consumers choose, the dual mini can pack- "The
Hangout Pack'' responds to changing market trends and what people like. This project
embarks on a new yet extended journey of the "SHARE A COKE" campaign, making drinking
beverages more personal and enjoyable.
The idea is to design 7.5 oz mini Coca-Cola dual cans stored in refrigeration units. These are
currently sold as multi packs and are stored in non-refrigerated condition.
The premise of the design are the following :-
̈ Convenience
̈ Sleek
̈ Experiential
̈ Shareable
̈ Sustainable
̈ Sturdy
̈ Quirky
Our concept has evolved from the need of quick drinks where a grab and go model is in
demand. Our idea and design depicts our moto “Two for togetherness” where a quick Coca-
Cola break, brings people closer.
DESIGN & STRUCTURE – The Hangout Pack!
The new concept introduces two cans in a pack, which makes sharing convenient. Our
design concept takes into consideration the operational efficiency, ease of stacking and
sustainability. We have taken into account that the design has the least die cut loss during
manufacturing and also the feasibility of transportation in flat.
The Z structure gives strength to the entire pack while allowing branding space with good
visibility of the cans. The structure is sturdy enough to account for mishandling at any stage
from packing to the end consumer.
We have included the following illustrations-
1. Two shareable cans- The tilted can portrays the gesture of putting forward a can to
enjoy it with someone.
2. “Two for Togetherness” & “The Hangout Pack”- Our proposed tagline is an extended
version of Coca-Cola's successful campaign “Share a Coke”. The tagline takes into
account shareable moments with friends, family, partner or even a stranger.
3. The two hands meeting- We chose the two fist bumping hands to showcase a bond
between people, which just gets stronger with a Coca-Cola moment.
To sum it all, we considered the following –
Manufacturing –
̈ Multiple impositions on one sheet.
̈ Simple die design.
̈ Possibility of shipping in flats.
̈ Sturdy stacking ability throughout the supply chain.
Retail presence –
̈ Fun and quirky design standout in a retail outlet.
̈ The SBS 24 board would stand tall in the refrigeration unit. Our recommendation
would be to use Michelman coating.
̈ The Hangout packs are stackable one on top of another. The topmost pack will
have the handle protruding up for easy removal.
̈ Can be used like a promotional pack as hangers in retail space.
Consumer Experience –
̈ The dual-pack is designed for ease of carrying, featuring on-the-go experience.
̈ Our concept incorporates an area for a personalized message. This is an
extension of the “Share a Coke” campaign, which includes personalisation to
every pack.
̈ The visually appealing pack attracts and amuses the consumer towards the
Sustainability –
̈ Used a fully recycled paper for “The Hangout Pack”.
̈ Easy disposal of product and package in the Blue Bin.
̈ Less material consumption.

Design Rationale Document