Crack a Coke!

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Crack a Coke!

School:The Georgia Institute of Technology
Team:Cate Crutcher

A package made to be opened by two. A package to share. A package to Share a Coke. Inspired by British “Christmas Crackers,” the package creates an experience of union by accomplishing a task as one. Two hands, and thus, two people, are required to open it. The reward is a delicious sip of Coca-Cola, proving that collaboration, connection, and Coke lead to happiness.

There is a hand-drawn graphic of the moment you crack the package, both giving a warmness to the design and providing instructions. Curls and Keith-Haring-esque graphics also lend a joyous feeling. The design references current Coca-Cola branding, with the “mini” motif being used to indicate two cans, “mini one” and “mini two.” One can imagine people play-fighting over being “mini one”. Another design element is at the bottom of the cans, holding the koozie in place with a thickened Coca-Cola ribbon. This also uses less material than a traditional koozie. The placement of the Coca-Cola logo also references the eventual splitting of the package. When you split the pack, one person gets the “Coca” and the other gets “Cola”. Some people might prefer “Cola” over “Coca” for arbitrary (but arguable) reasons. Do you like Left Twix or Right? Are you more of a Coca or a Cola? Which side tastes better? For me, it’s Coca.

In promoting Coca-Cola’s goal to use 100% recycled material by 2025, the packaging is fully recyclable. In addition, the packaging requires no adhesive to bond to the can, streamlining the recycling process. Finally, using the package as a koozie means people keep it with them until their drink is empty, so they will naturally recycle the cardboard koozie and aluminum can simultaneously.

Design Rationale Document