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School:Miami Ad School
Team:Madeleine Dodson, Johnny Sanchez, Gina Morgan, Caroline Filips

Since 2011, Sharing a Coke has been the ultimate expression of taking a moment to pause and enjoy the present. By 2025, Coke pledges to make 100% of their primary packaging recyclable. With the intentions and iconography of the past and the eco-friendly goals of the future, The CokeMate is our answer to sustainable and shareable Coke packaging.

The stacked dual can design is ideal for both consumer portability and convenience store merchandising. Our paperboard container wraps around the front and the back of the can stack with a built-in handle on top for intuitive carrying. The container does not require paperboard on the sides, as it’s supportive enough on its own — and we aimed to be extra intentional with materials. With limited fridge storage space in mind, cans are stacked instead of side-by-side. Inside the paperboard label, the QR code background takes the shape of a bottle cap, to evoke the nostalgia of a classic Coca-Cola bottle and contrast it with our modern take on “Sharing a Coke”.

Design Rationale Document