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Coca-Cola Share a Sip

School:University of Cincinnati
Team:Matthew Coutinho, Josh Back, Tejovrisho Guha

Matthew Coutinho, Josh Back, Tejo Guha 2/4/2024

Our team has created a design that we call the “Share a Sip” package. Our package is easy to grip, sturdy and compact. Its graphics are designed to catch the eye while still keeping with the simplicity of the “Coca-Cola” brand. Every pair of cans is labeled with words like “Sun” and “Moon” or “Fire” and “Ice”. We placed these compliments on the cans to pay homage to the “Share a Coke” campaign. The goal for our product is that two friends can pick up our pack of Coke Minis and enjoy the day together: whether it's watching a movie, being out on a date, or just doing some homework.

Design Rationale Document