Coca Cola Pairs Well With ______

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Coca Cola Pairs Well With ______

School:Furman University
Team:Fiona Newell, McNeill Mullikin, Michael Kline, Simran Goel

Design Rational – Anchor Points

For years, Coke has been a household staple and the go-to soda for every life experience. We decided for the next “Share a Coke” campaign to celebrate those mini, everyday moments in a line of customized can sleeves for a two-pack of mini Coke cans. Whether you and a friend are pool-side, on a road trip, at a picnic, or any shared experience, the Coca Cola mini can two-pack pairs well with all of life’s mini moments. The product comes with two mini cans because life’s mini moments should not be shared alone, but with a loved one.

The packaging is made of a minimal amount of paper board in one piece and includes a simple, rectangular die line. The packaging aligns with all of Coca Cola’s “World Without Waste” sustainability goals, limiting manufacturing waste. The perforated pull tab allows the consumer to easily open and share Coca Cola’s new mini can packaging, and the handle on the top makes it easy to carry. As the consumer unwraps the packaging, they’ll see the graphics on both sides that encourage them to share the pair and share the moment. With our packaging, the mini can two-pack showcases a pool party, road trip, and picnic collectible illustrations, representing the mini moments in life. The front side depicts a “moment” while the back side features the essentials necessary for the particular “moment.”

Coca Cola would eventually expand upon the three different experiences already illustrated to allow consumers across the globe to find and purchase the product they want that reflects their shared experiences. Coca Cola’s mini can two-pack celebrates all of life’s mini moments — a little too well. So, share a coke, share the mini moments, together tastes better.

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