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Coca-Cola DUO

School:Miami Ad School
Team:Anisha Yagnik, Joshua Vick, Neepa Patel, Olivia Guerra, Robert Gray

Coca-Cola DUO is a packaging solution designed to shelve two Coke minis in a convenience store refrigerator by stacking the cans on top of each other to form one merchandising unit. Pulling the cardboard tab at the center line separates the two cans, allowing for a shareable experience. One-half of the label remains on each can, showcasing a mirrored design, which implies a “duo” can only exist in pairs.

In a convenience store refrigerator, a mini can on its own might be hidden from view by the retainer in the refrigerator. DUO stands at about the same height as the other cans and bottles, making the product stand out. The pull-tab indicates that the cans should be separated at the middle.

The packaging is made of paperboard, which allows for a glossy finish and recyclability. The packaging was designed not to snag on the three-inch-high plastic retainer. Glue dots serve as adhesive to stick the packaging to the cans, so it remains on the can even after they are separated. The aluminum cans are already recyclable, so the package and the can can be recycled together.

The label creatively and informatively explains that DUO is a two-can unit, meant to be shared. Creative copy on the packaging reads, “Two minis. One for you. One for ____,” which explains the shareability and implies the question, “Who will I share this with?”. Explanatory copy at the bottom reads, “2 – 7.5 fl oz”. The illustration of two people reaching for a Coca-Cola bottle further embodies the spirit of the Share a Coke campaign.

With simple, intuitive packaging, shareability, and refrigerator compatibility, Coca-Cola DUO provides an easy and intuitive solution for selling two Coke Minis in a convenience store refrigerator.

Design Rationale Document