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Canovation - The Double-decker

School:Virginia Tech
Team:Jerry McCarthy, Matthew Simmons, Ryan Chen, Owen Sample

Canovation – 12 count Stackable Can Carrier Rationale

Most people are familiar with the traditional pull tab soda can. Invented in 1963, the pull tab has continued to be a prominent feature of many metal cans produced to this day. Canovation developed the world's first fully metal, resealable, twist off top can, which could revolutionize traditional metal can design.

We wanted our package to showcase Canovation’s unique can design whilst also providing engagement & value to the consumer. With this goal in mind, we created our stackable 12 pack concept that was inspired by the design of a beer carrying case. Our unique “can carrier” design features two open top cases that allow for the smaller top case to be nested within the bottom case. Both cases hold 6 cans and have functional handles that slide together so that they can be carried and used individually when separated. The Canovation cans were made with a circular economy in mind, therefore, we decided to make the “can carrier” with sustainability in mind. The design is made solely from E-flute corrugated board to promote sustainability. The single material design makes recycling a breeze for consumers.

The stackable handle design sets our “can carrier” apart from the traditional 12 pack package as it makes for a more engaging consumer experience. This is because the 12 pack can be separated into 2 six packs, allowing consumers to share the product with friends or to just take just one pack on the go.

Our graphics were also designed in order to display the unique can design clearly. We decided to create a generic “cherry cola” brand to demonstrate the can design and opted for a red and white theme to match the flavor. The graphics also incorporated multiple elements that emphasized the can’s twist off cap function function.

Comprehensively, our package design is intended to give the consumer a more interactive feel than the traditional 12 pack. We incorporated a variety of features to exhibit the unique can design and emphasize the resealable feature of the product.

Design Rationale Document