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Bold Brew

School:Miami Ad School
Team:Taylor Pirtle, Kristen Routh, Carter Garfinkel

Introducing bold brew, a new canned cold-brew coffee that will revolutionize how you get your caffeine fix.

Bold brew is stored in canovation’s resealable cans, allowing you to preserve the freshness of your brew and sip anywhere, anytime without the worry of spillage.

With sustainability in mind, Bold Brew’s 12-pack box is constructed using sugarcane bagasse, a renewable, biodegradable resource that allows our packaging to break down in months, unlike traditional packaging which can take over a century.

The box’s carrying handle is constructed from 100% compostable and biodegradable mycelium plastic — that’s right, mushrooms. Not only do we harness the power of mushroom magic in our coffee, the mycelium used in our packaging is a zero waste, zero pollution material that adds nutrients to soil as it decomposes.

Our label is printed with plant-based algae ink, the world’s most eco friendly, fully compostable ink. In addition to being safe for the environment, it helps decrease our carbon emission by 200%.

The best part is, all of this together makes Bold Brew’s packaging 90% recyclable and compostable.

Bold Brew. Good for you. Good for the Earth. Good for the world.

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