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AccessiCarry Capsule Pack

School:University of Cincinnati
Team:Hsiyun Chen, Jamie Dee

The AccessiCarry Capsule Pack revolutionizes the concept of grab-and-go detergent capsules, prioritizing an expanded interaction area and incorporating sustainable textures to enhance both grip and tactile feedback.

Detergent pod packaging is often heavy, ranging from 4 to 18 pounds, and requires a lot of hand muscle dexterity to carry the slippery plastic packaging. Not only is it difficult to bring home, the unboxing experience requires complex finger coordination to twist or tear open the package. Grabbing the detergent pods from the packaging also demands the user to have more body flexibility to reach down or up into the package. We realized the need for accessibility in the household packaging solutions.

Unboxing your detergent pods has never been easier with the AccessiCarry Capsule Pack. Once you tear the larger tab, your detergent capsules are automatically dispensed out through gravity and displayed to be grabbed. No more bending down or reaching into the tub to grab your pods. AccessiCarry Capsule Pack is also compact, keeping the weight of the total packaging to be easy to carry with one hand. Instead of having a large tub of detergent, you have an efficient space saving package that fits onto any shelves or narrow space in your laundry room. It's easy to grab off the shelves and carry home or to the laundromat by fitting right in your palm with the exposed corrugated cardboard as a grip, not needing any additional handles or two hands to hold the package.

With the AccessiCarry Capsule Pack, we wanted to integrate sustainability throughout the concept. Detergent pods are commonly placed in stand-up pouches with zippers and round PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic containers, which require the use of plastics. The packaging is made with B-Flute corrugated board and exposed E-Flute corrugated cardboard. Thus, making the entire package entirely recyclable and more environmentally friendly compared to most plastics. The recycled exposed corrugated texture not only promotes the reuse of materials, but also gives a tactile grip area and subtle visual texture to the overall packaging form. Additionally, the concept relies on the locking tabs to pull the die-line together, eliminating the use of unnecessary synthetic glue.

AccessiCarry Capsule Pack transforms laundry into an universally embraced experience, bringing convenience and cleanliness to every individual’s daily routine.

Design Rationale Document