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vitaminwater rPET Repackage

School:M. Ad School of Ideas Atlanta
Team:Catarina Sterlacci, Olivia Wagner, Emily Robertson, Madeleine Dodson

We decided to create a new iconic shape for vitamin water’s 20 oz bottle to encourage consumers to take a break from scrolling and engage in the moment. With an ergonomic ridge on the side of the bottle, we encourage consumers to give their thumbs a break from scrolling on their phones, be more active, and be present. Not only does the ridge serve as a rest for your thumb, but is an easier grip to hold for on-the-go activities. The change to the bottle is simple yet profound, creating a new recognizable shape under Coca-Cola’s name.

In alignment with Coca-Cola’s sustainability goals of 100% recyclable bottles by 2025 and 50% recycled materials by 2030, we created the package out of recycled PET plastic. To make this the most efficient for both production and consumers, all of the materials of the package are made from the same material so they can be recycled together as one unit. As the user drinks the vitamin water, a message becomes visible reading “re-recycle me” paired with a QR code to spread the word about recycled PET and Coca-Cola’s sustainability goals.

The label shape concaves inwards towards the thumb indent to visually direct the eye towards the dent. We decided to stay consistent with vitamin water’s current design system, as it aligns with Gen Z’s visual aesthetic: minimalist, pleasing to the eye, and pops of color. To further resonate with Gen Z, we added trendy stickers that tear away from the bottle for consumers to collect. These stickers display vitamins you consume when drinking Vitamin Water. Focusing on mental health, taking care of your body, and expressing oneself is the core of Gen Z’s personality.

A large portion of Coca Cola’s World Without Waste campaign lies within messaging and making a big impact through small changes, which is why this concept and design helps bring Coca-Cola closer to company goals of sustainability and recognizability.

Design Rationale Document