The Give Back Box

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The Give Back Box

School:MAD School of Ideas - Atlanta
Team:Bryan Robinson, Tommy Aliota, Essence Lowe, Nic de la Hoz

The Give Back Box is created from biodegradable corrugated fiberboard embedded with plant nutrients/food. The blank area of the Give Back Box is 20 inches by 15.75 inches and 5 inches tall. We wanted to make something consistent with existing Coca-Cola packaging by using the Classic Coca-Cola Logo and the colour Coke Red for our box. We removed any white from our design to highlight the cardboard brown to represent the sustainable transformation from the PET Shrink film. The exterior front and side panels are bordered with a grass silhouette in representation of where the box goes once the product is finished (in the ground). Remaining consistent with the brand we placed “PLANT ME” on the side panel to mirror the “RECYCLE ME\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\' on the Coke can. On the top and front flap we placed “reduce reuse regrow” to indicate this is the Give Back Box extending WestRock’s commitment to go further than recycling. In the interior of the top are “How to Plant me” directions for both outdoor or indoor planting options.

Hi-Cone rings have continuously been a large contributor to pollution due to a lack of responsible recycling. We used WestRocks CANCOLLAR® CLASSIC design with biodegradable recycled paper-based materials embedded with seeds using WestRock’s . Every 6 pack represents one specific flower or herb to create a personal garden.
EX: Cilantro, Basil, Daylilies, Pansy

For the Hi-Cone alternatives we are using different colour waves to represent each herb or plant. For the herbs, we used forest green and sage creating a pattern to represent the roots of the seeds that are embedded in the packaging. We also created a flap on the side using the font UNITY to label the seed.

Zero Waste! The Give Back Box creates the perfect structure for a nutritious garden base. Unlike paper decomposing which ties up nitrogen in the soil causing plants to compete for vital nutrients. Decomposing Cardboard adds organic matter to the soil, which improves drainage and boosts nutrient levels. This creates an ideal environment for earthworms to thrive, in return providing free fertilizer with their nutrient rich worm castings.

By removing all plastic from the packaging and using biodegradable corrugated fiberboard, if the consumer does not choose to participate, whether it ends up at a recycling facility or dump it will turn into something beautiful. Human creation reverts into mother nature.

Design Rationale Document