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the BOX

School:Georgia State University
Team:Ira Colendrino, Roberto Vergara, Infinity Coleman, Diana Flores, Abhi Patel

Our team kept in mind that with handling sensitive products in processing and shipping, it’s critical to prevent all damage from accidental drops or rough handling. Instead of a rectangular shipping box, the BOX is designed with a hexagon shape that supports all six degrees of freedom. The sturdy material can be dropped and land on each side safely and without risking the items inside. The internal layer, the tabs, is constructed to shock-absorb hard impacts and vibrations during transportation or handling.

The BOX is a sustainable shipping box designed to minimize its environmental impact and reduce waste. It’s made of cardboard materials that can be recycled, reused, or biodegraded if it’s ended up in a landfill. The BOX uses minimal amount of packaging while protecting the contents inside as well. The use of single-use materials such as tape and bubble wrap isn’t used because the BOX has adjustable tabs to secure the items and can be modified to product size. The printed materials like the logo and messaging are eco-friendly and contain water-based ink.

Our design team created a branding system to support the aesthetics and visual identity. The black text and pops of color from the stickers create a playful tone and modern tone. The stickers contain messaging that centers on sustainability and protection.

Design Rationale Document