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Shrink Sleeve Solution

School:Michigan State University
Team:Muhammad Masood, Brandon Coleman, Grace Chomas, Koyer Birkmeier, Joey Popowitz

With this year's IoPP (Institute of Packaging Professionals) 48 Hour REPACK emphasis on sustainability, our team found it important to work within the parameters of a fully recycled product. From this we decided to take on Challenge #1 from Plastixx FFS and create a newly designed shrink sleeve technology. Despite being one of the most widely used methods of multi packaging, there are a few pain points that can be adjusted to increase consumer value and benefit. The first point we adjusted was the overall accessibility of the product inside of the sleeve. With hard to tear plastics it can sometimes become too burdensome to access your products after buying them. For this reason, we introduced a perforated access point along the top surface of the sleeve. This perforation is great for quick and easy access to your beverages inside without the aid of tools like scissors and knives.

Another key point to consider is the portability of this product. Carrying twenty-four bottles at once and only relying on two hand holes can become strenuous over time, which is why we incorporated an extended handle technology that helps the consumer move the product from the store shelves to their homes with ease. This feature is called the “Easy Grip Handle” and it is found along the perforations on the side of the multipack. Along with both portability and accessibility this product comes equipped with a “Split Away” feature that allows consumers to split the package in the middle and optimize space management. This is achievable by utilizing a pull tab technique that is found along the center blue lining of this multipack. If the fridge is running low on space, the split away feature allows you to split the package in two and store half of the bottles in the fridge and the remaining half can be stored elsewhere. This feature can also be used to brilliantly display all bottles at once for the ultimate easy access experience.

Lastly, our product’s design ensures that companies will be promoting a circular economy due to the usage of 100% recycled polyethylene. To continue efforts towards reducing the carbon footprint, we found it vital to omit the addition of any extra materials that may end up outside of the recycling system. From this challenge, the team has created a brand-new shrink sleeve technology aimed at not only reducing the carbon footprint but doing it with consumer needs in mind as well. Sparty’s Spring Water is a complete package that is sure to quench your thirst while also satisfying the needs of consumers who enjoy the full packaging experience. From the store shelves to the home, consumers and companies are sure to love the impact this product will have on the world.

Design Rationale Document