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Serenity packaging company

School:Kennesaw state university
Team:Kiana Melendez, Jaliyah Brantley, Emily Molander, Thien Dang

KSU – Group B
48HR Repack
Kiana Melendez
Thien Dang
Emily Molander
Jaliyah Brantley

Serenity Design Rationale
Technology has become an indispensable component of consumers' daily lives. Almost everything from ordering groceries, buying a new smartphone, or reselling products people outgrow. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, online shopping in the United States has increased by 39%. Some of this can be linked to the pandemic, which caused many people to use the internet more for their daily shopping needs. The quantity of items purchased online (and the speed with which they are delivered to your door) is increasing. Therefore, having reliable, versatile, and sustainable packaging is essential for any e-commerce business. Serenity, an upcoming packaging e-commerce company partnered with WestRock, devised the ideal eco-friendly packaging for any small or fragile product.
Serenity's values align with sustainability, inclusivity, variety, and equality. Our company caters to the Gen-Z audience, who make up 20.67% of the e-commerce demographic. According to Forbes, in the U.S., 97% of Gen-Z say social media is their top source of shopping inspiration. Since Gen-Z is the predominant user of e-commerce and will be in the future, we want to promote recyclable products with the least waste management. Our goal is to decrease our ecological footprint while demand for e-commerce rises.
The Serenity octagonal shape box contains multiple adjustable notches that allow the package to expand or contract. The package is 100% recyclable, and once fully unboxed, the components flattened out for easy recycling. Serenity strives to provide the finest possible care and have a joyful unboxing experience.

Design Rationale Document