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Ride The Tide

School:Clemson University
Team:Joseph DeLaughter, Kyle Vandegrift

IoPP 48Hr Repack

Joseph DeLaughter and Kyle Vandegrift

Lean and Mean


Ride the Tide
The goal of our project was to create a functional packaging design for the purpose of a secondary use. For our product, we wanted to choose an item that is used by a consumer on a regular basis. This promotes the often repurchase of our product. We decided to repurpose a large corrugated container that holds Tide Pods into a corrugated laundry hamper and corrugated hangers, once all of the product was gone. We find it to be very convenient and practical for the consumer to be able to pair the hamper and hangers into their laundry needs. The container has a length of 20 inches, a width of 20 inches, and a depth of 20 inches (20x20x20). Though these are the dimensions we chose, it has the capabilities to increase up to the industry standard of a 36x36x36 size at a high functionality. It is also a regularly slotted container. The container is made from a solid bleached sulfate (SBS) corrugate, made from recycled and virgin fibers, for a multitude of reasons. SBS board is an excellent substrate to print on because of its smooth surface and its ability to hold ink well. Brand recognition is an important marketing tool and we wanted to implement Tide’s very recognizable branding into our design, so that loyal and new customers can easily distinguish Tide from other laundry detergents. It is important for our product to stand out against Tide’s competitors at the point of purchase. Another advantage of the SBS board is that it is easy to cut and crease. With the ease of cutting and creasing it will increase the production and lower the manufacturing time. Our design has many perforation features for the hangers, handles, and rip strip. This means that the ease of cutting is essential for manufacturing our design. The grade of flute that we decided to implement is a c-flute corrugate. C-flute provides a high compression strength that will be important as our container will be used to ship the Tide Pods. During distribution, the containers will have a high stacking strength because of this. This will be a convenience for the consumer, as the product will not likely be damaged during distribution or in storage. The SBS board we chose is made from virgin and recycled paper fibers. This promotes the use of recycled fibers and is still able to be recycled when the container's reuse stage is completed in its life cycle. Our product emphasizes reusability in not only a functional manner, but in a creative and practical manner as well. It has large benefits in manufacturing, distribution, and in the consumer’s experience.

Design Rationale Document