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Refrai Package

School:Michigan State University
Team: Abby Inch, Erin Zhu, AJ Meduna, Rodney Cancler,

This corrugate board design packages small, fragile products in a way that aims to minimize material and energy output by eliminating the need for secondary packaging, while also giving the user a vibrant and exciting opening experience. The typical fragile product is shipped with multiple layers of packaging which is wasteful and difficult to open, and sometimes despite all those extra layers, results in a broken product. With this new design, both secondary waste and the threat of damaged products are eliminated. As shown in the video, the corrugated package can be shaken with multiple degrees of freedom, while ensuring the safety and integrity of the product. The package is produced by a single-machine cut, therefore reducing energy use and output compared to a typical multi-step process for multiple layers of packaging. Also, with a small circular seal, this design eliminates the amount of tape waste produced which commonly would have to wrap around a rectangular box multiple times to seal it.
Because of the pentagonal shape, an extra corner provides the product with extra compression strength. Also, inside the package, you will find five rounded and folded corrugate flaps that act as bumpers to hold any small, fragile products in place.

The most exciting part of this design is the colorful patterns, allowing the opportunity for any company to personalize this aspect to their own needs. As seen in our video, displayed is the brand Rafrai – the royal way to shower – which shows how fragile soap can be shipped directly in the primary package. Eventually, the package can be repurposed with similar fragile items to support the individual needs of consumers.

Our product distinguishes itself by taking into account objectives such as sustainability, support, reducing secondary packaging, along with repurposing the packaging itself. While traditional e-commerce packaging provides convenience, (this Rafrai) welcomes the consumer with a refreshing, relaxing, and royal experience!

Design Rationale Document