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School:University of Florida
Team:David Sun, Jordyn Salmon, Dalena Nguyen, Jacob Gutierrez

In the spirit of sustainability and iconicism, this redesign of the classic Powerade silhouette is just what The Coca-Cola company needs to appeal to the newest generation of athletes with a green mindset.

For starters, the conventional, sturdier appearance of the Powerade bottle has been altered to a more slender and tall look, reinforcing the drink as a premium product and elevated experience. All components of this new bottle are made from 50% post-consumer recycled PET plastic, making it a perfect and eco-conscious choice for GenZ consumers. Furthermore, the all black and clear label has been changed to be vertical, emphasizing the elongation of the bottle.
Also, never seen before in single-use sports drinks is the added feature of a handle, making the bottle much easier to carry, especially during a workout or a sports activity. Thus, no more
struggling for the consumer to hold a slippery bottle while trying to stay hydrated, allowing for the main focus to be on the user’s performance.The handle itself is also composed of 50% post-consumer recycled plastic, adjoined at the sides of the cap with PET plastic pins painted to have a metallic finish. To finish, all flavors of the beverage come in a 100% recyclable 20-ounce PET plastic bottle, providing the perfect amount of electrolytes to replenish after a hard workout. Regarding the manufacturer’s point of view, the use of post-consumer recycled plastic in half of the bottle’s composition makes the production of this new design more cost-effective for
both buyers and The Coca-Cola Company. Moreover, the wide opening of the bottle allows for the use of the hot-fill bottling technique, where the bottle is filled with hot product sterilizing the
container. This is attractive for manufacturers, because it is utilized currently in Powerade’s production, and alternative techniques would cause a spike in price due to high capital investment and high operating costs. Thus, this bottle redesign offers consumers a premium and convenient option that meets their needs and fits their budget, while also providing a profitable option for businesses.

In conclusion, this new and improved luxury Powerade with its handle design, eco-friendly materials, and same great formula is a must-have for anyone who wants to stay hydrated, perform at their best, and make a positive impact on the environment. So, next time
you're looking for a sports drink, choose the one that gives you more than just hydration – choose the one that is sustainable, recyclable, and easier to use.

Design Rationale Document