Nerf or Nothin'

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Nerf or Nothin'

School:Michigan State University
Team:Polly Fitzgerald, Emma Dayton, Maggie Holmes

Nerf is a well-known brand, especially for their popular Blasters toy guns. These toys can be found in retail stores, clubs, and online, and are a staple in many children's toy collections. Our team has taken on the challenge of revamping the packaging for these toys with a focus on sustainability and user experience.

We’ve transformed the single-use primary and secondary club packaging into a multi-use design that doubles as a target and shield during play. The packaging has been re-imagined with a fresh, revised graphics design and is easy to assemble for this added bonus feature. The primary packaging serves as the target and the secondary packaging as the shield, encouraging the imagination and adding to the fun.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our redesign efforts. The current packaging made of elastic rubber bands and hot glue, is not recyclable. We’ve replaced the elastic bands and glue with paper ties, making the packaging easily separable and recyclable.

The disassembly process has been made even more convenient with the perforated tear-aways, allowing for hassle-free setup of the perfect bullseye. Our goal is to bring a sustainable aspect to the world of toys by incorporating the packaging into the fun, while maintaining the excitement of joy to consumers.

Remember, when shopping for the next best toy, “It’s Nerf or Nothin’!” with our innovative sustainable packaging solution.

Design Rationale Document