Honey, I made a fire.

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Honey, I made a fire.

School:Virginia Tech
Team:Molly Trinh, Mylo Murphy, Noah Madel, Ryan Gertner

We began our planning phase by brainstorming ideas for what people do with graham crackers, and the first thought that came to our minds was s'mores and campfires. Some products that are usually necessary for an ideal campfire besides the main ingredients are Firestarter’s, plates, and tables. To make gathering these items much easier, we decided to combine all three into the secondary package for the Honey Maid graham cracker.

Many club stores, such as Costco and Sam’s Club have become heavily popularized over the years and have encouraged consumers to buy in bulk. One of said products available in bulk at these stores is the Honey Maid four pack of graham crackers. These products are iconic for campfires to make s’mores. The challenge prompted by WestRock was to find a way to repurpose the secondary shipper that consolidates the products and would normally be a single use piece of corrugated. We wanted to find a way to repurpose the Honey Maid graham crackers shipper to be used during a campfire and have a lasting impact on the consumer while still being made completely out of corrugated.

Our new shipper holds the same amount of product; however, our innovative design has completely changed the experience the consumer has with Honey Maid graham crackers. Based on the graham cracker itself and combined with existing packaging, we created an interactive package that doubles as a tray for all the ingredients you need for a classic s’more and pieces of the box that can be torn off the box to be used as fire starters for your campfire. When thinking about the graphics to use we first came up with the idea to make all of the firestarter pieces resemble graham crackers. We then used Adobe Illustrator to make a new and simplified Honey Maid logo to use specifically for our package.

If you are buying graham crackers, especially in bulk, chances are you’re making smores. S’mores are often made with a group so the tray on the bottom also provides a way to carry the s'more ingredients if for example, you are camping and do not have a lot of plates or trays to use. We made sure to not use a lot of ink to be environmentally friendly as well as so that you are not burning ink when you use the pieces of the box as fire starters. We also added instructions on the back for anyone who might be at a loss on how to use the box effectively for its intended secondary use.

Design Rationale Document