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School:Furman University
Team:Anne Heaton Sanders, Fiona Newell, Elizabeth Hendrix, Simran Goel, Michael Kline

Our second use packaging breathes new life into a product that is lacking excitement. Boxed wine is lackluster and stale to most consumers. We transformed typical boxed wine concepts under the Kirkland Signature brand using an updated eclectic voice. The second use that we offer consumers is turning the product’s existing packaging into an herb planter. The design is simple and innovative, using transformative building mechanisms without taking away the integrity of boxed wine.

Women in their late 20’s to mid 30’s are our target customers. For example, 27 year old Megan is in a life transition, whether that be just graduating college or getting started in a new career. This can be a stressful time, so what’s more relaxing than a glass of wine and some gardening? Megan pays attention to the details and she values brands that make sustainability a priority.

Our proprietary eco-packaging technology utilizes 100% compostable materials in a space-saving shape. The box gives the consumer a better deal as one box of wine equals 4 bottles without sacrificing quality, and lasts up to six weeks in the fridge. Know when the wine is running low by looking at the wine-o-meter on the side of the box that shows how much you have left. Assemble the planter by following the perforated lines. Grab the seed starter included in an envelope at the bottom of each box. Then, just add soil and water to the empty wine liner. Did you know you can take your used spout and mail it back to us to receive loyalty points towards a free etched wine glass? Label your plant and keep it for your next home cooked meal, or add a splash of green to your space as decor. But the story doesn’t end here! Keep adding variety to your herb collection by purchasing different flavors of Herbalist wines.

From hiking to house parties, Herbalist has you covered with quality sustainable wine. Sip on Herbalist. Pop outside the box. Plant your seeds. Enjoy your life! Sip. Pop. Plant. Enjoy!

Xoxo Herbalist

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