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School:Georgia State University
Team:Audrey Fecteau, Camlinh Huynh, Erica Dean, Jade Parazo, Reid Tyburski

The Eco-Hex is an innovative, environment-friendly
e-commerce shipper that redefines packaging. Our
one-piece design minimizes the need for extra materials,
the latches and triangular folds on the top and bottom of
the package eliminate the need for tape or glue for easy
assembly. It can be flattened down easily without tearing
apart the box, allowing for minimal waste and more
reusable material when recycling.

Our foldable hexagon design creates a unique opening
experience for customers; each fold of the hexagon brings
a new opportunity to share content about the product it
contains. This allows for customization for any brand
specializing in e-commerce to use our packaging. The
hexagon shape also allows for easy stacking and a compact
shelving fit. Products placed in the Eco-Hex are safely
transported with our double-teeth design, providing
stability to the top and bottom of the product. The
adaptable teeth can fit any size or shape. With the
Eco-Hex, we hope to push the use of sustainable practices
among businesses and customers and create a healthier
environment for us and future generations.

Design Rationale Document