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Creative Genius

School:Miami Ad School
Team:Nicholas Pearson, Maya Givens, Mason Joiner, Alex Benton

At Creative Genius, we value authenticity and imagination as these are the markers of a better tomorrow. Westrock’s brand purpose is to innovate boldly and package sustainably, all of which aligns perfectly with our core values. We believe in their grandeur vision to utilize both imagination and creativity as a catalyst for growth and positive change in the world. Westrock’s brief posed an interesting and fun opportunity to repurpose sustainable package solutions. After doing a little research, we became inspired by how meta systems technology is driving innovation and producing superior containers that are strong, flexible and sustainable. We created a new package solution to the Meta series that connects innovation, sustainability and imagination. We call this package solution Meta S&P, or Meta Sip and Paint.
We created a sustainable box made entirely out of recyclable corrugated material that transforms into a painting easel.
We believe that a box that transforms into a painting easel is a unique and innovative product that combines two popular leisure activities- sipping and painting. This versatile product can be used both as a beverage carrier to transport your favorite bottles and as a painting easel to unleash your imaginative side.

The wine box is designed with a sleek and stylish appearance, similar to the other Meta package designs. We stuck close to the brand identity in terms of layout, color palette and the Slate Pro Typeface. When it is time to paint, the wine box can easily be converted into an easel, with a sturdy base to hold your canvas and a convenient storage compartment for your paint supplies. The compact design makes it easy to transport, so you can take it with you to your favorite painting spots or events. Not only is the box practical, but it also promotes sustainability by reducing the amount of waste generated from single-use products.

The combination of sipping and painting provides a unique blend of relaxation, creativity, and social interaction, making it an appealing experience for many people. Furthermore, sipping and painting allows individuals to socialize and bond with others while participating in a shared activity. This could be a popular choice for events like date nights, local community gatherings and even team building activities. We believe that painting leads to imaginative thinking, which plays an important role in shaping our future. Furthermore, by repurposing our package solution into a painting easel, we can inspire people to think beyond the current limitations and constraints and even explore new ideas for what you could do with sustainability.

Design Rationale Document