Capillary Cushion E-comm Pack

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Capillary Cushion E-comm Pack

School:Toronto Metropolitan University
Team:William Snyder, Hayden McGreal

E-commerce packaging is largely viewed as merely the vessel responsible for moving online purchases to the customer’s doorstep with little to no regard for innovation or design. We developed a protective packaging system specifically geared toward meeting the harsh demands of the e-commerce distribution environment. Considering the challenges and risks involved with handling and transporting goods, we have manufactured a system that protects various small goods at 6 degrees of freedom. The system consists of an innovative closure and a revolutionary protective capillary design made entirely of fibreboard.

Our new packaging system is built for businesses but designed for consumers. Building on what already works, we were able to incorporate a new and innovative unboxing experience through the means of a unique closure. The unique structure and tab system is suitable for various graphical elements.

Good packages are easy and intuitive to use. These principles are the basis for our packaging system. Our consumers are granted an unboxing experience without needing tools, knives, and/or scissors. The pull-tab system evokes a strong emotional connection and entices viewers to interact with the packaging system in a “gotta grab it” way. The pull tab also functions as a locking mechanism that secures the package's contents while travelling through the supply chain. The system can be easily opened and resealed, encouraging consumers to keep their packaging and repurpose it.
Protection is the priority to ensure products arrive undamaged. We created a convenient and intuitive capillary wrap and base to protect the packaged goods from the inevitable bumps, drops, and vibrations. The pullover capillary wrap hugs the products and conforms to their unique geometry, while the base layer provides a bed of support and cushion.

Regarding today’s environmental concerns, we wanted to create a packaging system that alleviates environmental impacts rather than contributes towards furthering the throw-away culture ingrained in society. In order to achieve this we focused on the end-to-end impacts of packaging: raw material extraction, product use, and end-of-life. First, we sourced Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified recycled Kraft corrugated board to ensure our packaging material is being responsibly harvested during its first life cycle stage. Next, we took the time to consider how the consumer would interact with our packaging, to increase both the reuse and recycling rates. We included graphical elements to remind consumers to “please reuse” and to communicate that the container is 100% recyclable. By creating a package that requires no destructive elements such as tear-aways, tape, or glue, our system allows and encourages users to reuse the e-commerce shipper as they see fit. At the package's end-of-life stage, consumers can easily recycle the corrugate.

Overall, our packaging system distinguishes between what manufacturers can reasonably produce and what consumers desire.

Design Rationale Document