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School:California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Team:Pana Phan, Phoebe Liu, Connor Cheng, Maddie Davenport

Club stores typically use large corrugated boxes that are often broken down and thrown away after consumption or use. Our team decided to tackle one commonly sold club store product: bird feed (15 lb. bag). Bird feed is typically sold separately from feeders in large, unwieldy plastic bags. These bags are often difficult to carry and store away after each use.

Our team designed Birdie, a wild bird feed blend that comes with its own bird feeder. Located on the back panel of the package, the customer can rip out the premade feeder along the perforations and within minutes or even seconds, the consumer can have a new bird feeder along with new feed. Since the feeder is made of fully corrugated material, it is completely safe for birds that accidentally chew or consume the feeder itself. As you use the bird feed, you can expect the corrugate feeder to deteriorate as the birds peck and chew it.

Including a bird feeder within the packaging allows the consumer to break down the box as well as use a portion of material for a secondary use. Additionally, our team designed the box so that the back panel can be completely removed, therefore allowing the consumer to be left with a tray for easier feed storage.

The Birdie bird feeder utilizes a simple, yet playful design that is attractive to both adults and youth. There are two pastel colored birds on either side of the feeder to attract birds from far away. To blend in with its surroundings, our team added a modern tree-like motif around the feeder.

This package reduces the environmental impact of conventional bulk bird feed. Because of the protective corrugated box, a compostable plastic bag can be used to contain the bird feed, reducing the overall amount of plastic waste. Additionally, the corrugated fiberboard can be repurposed and used by the local birds in your area, further extending the life of the corrugated fiberboard.

Whether you’re already an avid bird loving individual or newer to the market, the Birdie provides an opportunity for consumers to share their experiences with their loved ones.

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