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Adaptive Wellness Ecommerce Shipper

School:University of Wisconsin - Stout
Team:Anna Kent, Brendan O’Donnell, Abbey Dahlseng, Brett Von Ruden, Rebecca Schipper

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic that struck the earth in 2020, consumers turned to online shopping to buy products. What seemed like an inconvenience quickly turned into an opportunity as consumers realized how convenient and efficient online shopping is. Despite the fade of COVID-19, e-shopping has not slowed.

The Adaptive Wellness Ecommerce Shipper is intended to serve as a shipping container for a wide variety of products ranging in size, weight, and fragility in the beauty and wellness category. The shipper can be adapted to different length, width, and height dimensions to securely hold any product through transport. The inserts within the package act as compartments, holding individual or multiple products and protecting them from one another.

This package is best for a company that sells an array of products. No matter the product sold, this single shipper can be used to contain, protect, and deliver the consumer their order. Products can range from a heavy tub of body scrub to a fragile glass bottle of perfume.

The design was created with ease of use in mind. The small tab on the center front of the package acts as an indicator for removal and allows the top to be easily opened. Inside the package, the inserts are designed to be easily manipulated to adequately fit the desired product. The octagonal insert that sits parallel to the bottom face can be adjusted to fit the height of the product. Its four protruding tabs lock into the horizontal slots that line the interior perimeter of the shipper. The two small half circle thumb holes on opposite sides of the insert allow the piece to be easily grasped and adjusted or removed.

The rectangular inserts are manipulated in order to fit the length and width of the product; they are inserted into the vertical slots that line the interior perimeter of the package. The square inserts are then placed within the vertical slots on the rectangular inserts to further contain the product inside.

The graphic elements of the package fit multiple products within the beauty and wellness category. The color scheme is broad to match many products in the category, yet it maintains a cohesive look. The darker color is strategically placed on the bottom of the shipper to hide discolorations and marks from the shipping environment. The verbiage on the package, as well as the mirror on the interior of the top panel, is inviting and uplifting, contributing to a positive, beautiful, and inclusive environment for all things beauty and wellness. The overall appearance of the shipper creates excitement, encouraging consumers to purchase a product, or multiple.

In production, this shipper can be direct printed and diecut, allowing for quick and easy manufacturing. Hot melt adhesive can be used on the manufacturers joint and glue flaps.

After the package has been delivered, it can be reused for more shipments on the consumers behalf, or perhaps kept in the home as a storage container. Upon disposal, the package can be recycled.

Design Rationale Document