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Unzip and Split

School:Rutgers University
Team:Ellen Chen, Russell Knab, Zhaoji Wang, Jasreet Kaur, Tyler Lachawiec

Pack-in-a-box Design Rationale

The Unzip and Split elevates the functionality and consumer experience of Coca-Cola’s 12oz 12pk Can Fridge Pack. All current features of the 12-can Fridge Pack, including the handle and corner perforation, remain in the Unzip and Split design to keep the old functionality consumers are comfortable with using. Furthermore, this new design introduces the ability to allow multiple cans to be taken out of the package in quick succession. With a perforated tear strip along four sides of the package, the Unzip and Split can open up into two separate 6-can trays, perfect for parties or easier access in the fridge or shelf. With this design change, there is now the option to split the package so multiple cans are exposed for effortless access. For consumers who prefer to keep the secondary package intact, the corner perforation is available to be used as before.

The Coca-Cola 12 pack is easy to store in refrigerators, whether it be taking the cans out of the package or putting the entire package inside the refrigerator. With its design, the 6-can trays can be stacked on top of one another, can be placed side by side, or can be stored and used in separate locations. It also allows the user to see how many cans they have left so they know when to restock.

The graphics are aligned with the current classic look of the Coca-Cola fridge pack. Keeping the signature red color is the most integral part of the package, and similar graphics are there to ensure that customers will instantly recognize the brand. The major changes to the artwork are reflective of the new design feature of splitting the package into two 6-can trays. Certain logos and text are oriented while keeping the tray configuration in mind.

Paperboard manufacturers can use most of their current equipment and machines while keeping the same paperboard material and maintaining the same amount of paperboard usage. Because the paperboard material remains unchanged, the Unzip and Split package is sustainable. The how2recycle icons are kept on the artwork to communicate its recyclability to the consumer. The dieline specifications and artwork will need to be modified for the new tear strip design. These document edits along with die cutter updates are among the few changes needed for the production of the Unzip and Split package. Since its dimensions are identical to the current 12-can Fridge Pack, few, if any, change parts will be required, making it convenient to the manufacturing and packaging sites and lends it to high-speed manufacturability.

Overall, the Unzip and Split has all of its original charms, including being 100% recyclable, and enhances the existing package’s functionality with its unique easy-open feature. Its design first considers consumer convenience while still maintaining the core qualities of a Coca-Cola package. Coca-Cola has stood out on the shelves of stores for many years and our design only builds upon its classic features.

Design Rationale Document