Stretch-Fit Chiller

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Stretch-Fit Chiller

School:Virginia Tech
Team:Zachary Weston, Matthew Kearney, Garrett Hornauer, Gary Ampy

We decided to take on the challenge of refreshing the iconic Coca Cola fridge pack to make it even more efficient and convenient than it already is. The 12 pack is already an iconic design, so we really had to bring our best with our revision. We decided to focus on improving the functionality of the package by adding a unique mechanism, while keeping the core elements of what makes the fridge pack great.

Our goal was to keep our design as close as possible to the original look and shape of the fridge pack, but with an exciting twist. The uniqueness of our design comes from the use of an accordion structure to allow it to collapse in on itself as cans are removed from the package. This compression allows the package to take up less space in a fridge or cabinet, and the cans will always be right at the front. No more straining to reach for those last cans in the back and no more wasted space in your fridge or pantry.

In order to keep our package together when compressed, we developed a pull handle which brings the box together on itself. The handle has multiple hooks on the side which lock into a slit on an adjacent flap. These hooks allow the package to be compressed to different sizes depending on how many cans remain. This handle doubles as an easy way to carry the package; as 12 packs are a rather bulky and irregular shape. As an added bonus, compressing the package allows it to take up less space when you recycle!

With our product we hope to bring new excitement to a classic design. Customers will be familiar with the standard shape and size of the fridge pack; but will be eager to try out the latest feature that makes their life easier. The stretch-fit chiller is the cool new way to store the cans you know and love.

Design Rationale Document