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Plastixx FFS Technologies Pantry Pack

School:Portfolio Center
Team:Liz Pase, Aleisha Patton, Isabel Maggio, Alex Crotti

We produced a customizable pantry pack design for Hi-C that can fit in any pantry. While anyone can take juice boxes out of their original packaging and organize them to accommodate in their pantry, we wanted to simplify the process of stacking large quantities of juice boxes into a variety of different spaces to save time for busy parents on the go. We developed a way to arrange the juice boxes on a single sheet of polyethylene plastic so the juice boxes can be stacked easily in different configurations for creating maximum space in the pantry. The plastic is perforated, so each juice box will perfectly tear away from the packaging while keeping the original structure intact. Additionally, the consumer can track the number of juice boxes remaining to know when to purchase a new case with a mere glance into the pantry.

With the all-new paperboard band with a convenient carrying handle, carrying your pantry pack from the grocery store to the pantry has never been easier if the consumer chooses to keep the configuration, fold-down, or tear off the handle.

The design process began with in-depth research on the history of Hi-C, their various can and box designs over the years, and their current branding. For this re-pack, our team wanted to slightly refresh the designs while also harkening back to the flat graphic styles of Hi-C in their early days. We kept the color palette consistent with the existing brand but eliminated the black outlines to give the design a brighter and more cheerful feel. We also chose a new attention-grabbing and playful font to identify the flavors of each box. We believe these subtle design changes will help Hi-C stand out on the shelves and garner the attention of both kids and parents. Additionally, veteran Hi-C fans will easily recognize the packaging, and the colorful and fresh designs may entice newcomers to try Hi-C for the first time. Overall, we believe this design is a seamless transition from the original packaging that tells the consumer simply what they can expect from Hi-C juice boxes: fun, flavor, and refreshment.

The new packaging is easily recyclable from the paperboard to the Polyethylene shrink wrap and has fresh, eco-friendly features. Paperboard can usually be recycled several times before the organic fibers are entirely worn down, while various bacteria and animals can degrade polyethylene. Moving away from plastic materials, biodegradable straws and recyclable paper were added to the juice box. Using Eco-Friendly Plant-based PLA straws will allow the straw to disappear entirely in a matter of months instead of taking years to break down, and this means that they may not enter the sea at all – and, if they do, they do not cause harm if they are ingested.

Design Rationale Document