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Heat & Enjoy

School:Rochester Institute of Technology
Team:Daniel Pinigin, Katelynn Clement, Malik Jaff, Bryce Mateer, Olivia Pettinicchi

There are many options for Ready to Drink cold cafe favorites, from iced tea to cold brew, but there are few that cater to when you want a hot beverage but cannot get to the drive through. For that reason we decided to design Dunkin’ Heat & Enjoy Hot Coffee. This revolutionary hot coffee option will be available at the same places you can buy your favorite Dunkin’ iced beverages, like convenience and grocery stores, and you will be able to heat it up whenever you need a hot cup of joe.

When designing the Dunkin’ Heat & Enjoy Hot Coffee, we looked to similar product categories, such as microwavable soups, as this is currently an untapped market. We drew inspiration from those packaging systems and materials, in order to design our own product. The Dunkin’ Heat & Enjoy Hot Coffee is packaged in a polypropylene cup with an easy peel film seal, in order to keep your coffee fresh and tasting like it came straight from the pot, no matter the hour. When you’re finding yourself in the need of a morning or midday pick me up, all you have to do is remove the lid, peel off the seal, and microwave the cup. After a minute of heating, you can carefully remove your cup, place the sipping lid back on, and you’re good to go!

We designed the graphics to be consistent with the existing Dunkin’ branding, which means that they would fit perfectly on a shelf alongside the existing cold varieties. The package is also made of majority recyclable materials, as the polypropylene used is both microwavable as well as can be recycled through a standard curbside recycling program, which would be made clear by the “How to Recycle” graphic that is included on the labeling. The label, which doubles as a coffee sleeve, is also made from single face, modeled white E flute corrugate, which is made using post consumer recycled paper.

Design Rationale Document