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School:University of Florida
Team:Jacob Gutierrez, Gabriel Lucero, Benjamin Salvo, Dalena Nguyen, Kimberly Hafner

On-the-go coffee is essential in the fast-paced life of an average working person. The world’s leading companies in the coffee beverage industry have created compelling and convenient products for a chilled pick me up that many enjoy today. Dunkin’s Microwavable Ready-To-Go Hot Coffee has the flexibility of allowing consumers to temperature-control their drinks based on personal preference. Packaged in a sleek thermos-shaped bottle with the familiar coffee shop-shaped lid, consumers can enjoy hot coffee on the go with the “fresh” coffee feel but without the queue. Its on-the go durability and save-for-later closure also allow consumers to savor the coffee blends without the fear of accidental spills. The principal display panel features a paperboard background to resemble a classic coffee cup sleeve for a premium brew of Dunkin’ coffee. The “on-the-go” feel is emphasized with a donut that resembles a rolling car wheel with a coffee backsplash, colored to correspond with the coffee flavor.

To help catalyze recycling systems, the entire package (bottle, closure, and label) is made of
70% post-consumer recycled polypropylene plastic. The switch from virgin plastic to recycled
plastic not only reduces CO2 emissions and plastic waste, but also the PP retains its excellent
property advantages:
• Low-density material creates less solid waste by weight.
• High-insulation is compatible with microwavable heating and hot-fill and aseptic
• High-barrier properties keep coffee blend sealed under Modified Atmosphere
Conditions as CO2 is added, helping to maintain low residual oxygen levels and extend
product shelf life.

To maintain freshness and ensure a tamper-free product, the inside of the lid is sealed with a simple fold-down seal that the consumer’s finger can easily break. This package partners with How2Recycle to increase recycling transparency. The entire bottle
and closure are made of a single plastic recyclable material. The guide for consumers on recycling each part of the package is simplified: we designed an easier-to-recycle microwavable
beverage bottle that supports the consumer movement to reclaim with frustration and sort-free packaging. There are essentially no separated parts in the package, minimizing small plastic
littering. The closure twists to open and remains attached to the bottle. It’s an all-in-one package that allows for convenient disposal after consumption.

Design Rationale Document