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Fridge Stack-Pack

School:Clemson University
Team:Eliza Basel, Sophie Taylor

From lunchbox staples to a nostalgic drink, juice boxes are loved by kids and adults alike. But a quick walk down the juice aisle shows there's room for improvement. Multipacks of juice boxes are exclusively bundled in shrink wrap, which lack widespread recyclability, compelling dispensing, easy transport, or kid-friendly design. With these problems in mind, we’ve created the Fridge Stack-Pack.

Made from 32 mil carton board, the Fridge Stack-Pack is sturdy enough to carry the weight of 10 juice boxes, while minimizing material thickness and introducing recyclability. The board is clay coated, allowing vivid graphics to pop off the panels for instant brand recognition and engagement. We’d like to highlight the 3 structural elements which take the Fridge Stack-Pack to the next level.

First, the tear away channel on the side of the box allows users to see how many juice boxes are left, with endearing graphics reminding Mom and Dad when it's time to restock. With perforated sides, the tear away channel keeps the panel intact during distributions with easy removal at home.

Second, the dispensing window at the bottom of the pack allows juice boxes to be slid out with fun and ease. By adding a perforated window, no knives or scissors are required, creating a kid-safe experience. As a juice box is removed, the others above it drop and fill in the gap. By placing the window on the bottom of the box, short kiddos can easily reach up to the fridge shelf for a quick drink. Similar to the tear away channel, the window remains in place during shipping while providing an easy pull tab to remove at home.

Lastly, the handles on top add easy transport for every size. The custom cut-outs stay in place via perforation but can be removed at home for a kid-friendly craft. By following the instructions on the side panel, the 2 cutouts can be interlocked to create the body of a shark, with the fin of the shark incorporated into the dispensing window.

Because of these design choices, the package keeps on giving, even after the package has been opening. The boxes stay bundled in the fridge, rather than sprawling across the shelf. The window allows easy awareness of how many boxes are left. And most importantly, the cut outs spark joy rather than waste.

Aside from the light-hearted branding, the structural design of the Fridge Stack-Pack can be adjusted to a wide range of products. Other cartons, like boxed milk and protein shakes, can easily be substituted. The Stack-Pack can also accommodate cylindrical cans or even snack-sized fruit cups with a change of dimensions.

Design Rationale Document