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Elevated Access

School:Georgia Institute of Technology
Team:Michael Dean, Callie Barrentine

People love the Coca-Cola fridgepack. Whether it’s the perforated carrying handle on top, or the removable front to allow for easy can grabbing, people find the solution simple and convenient. We believe that the fridgepack experience could be elevated by some simple but delightful changes to transform the user experience.

There are two big complaints we would like to tackle: firstly, when the number of coke cans begins to dwindle, they remain in the back of the box. This makes them harder to grab easily, as one has to stick their arm farther and farther into the box. Secondly, as the box empties, it becomes harder and harder to see how many cans remain, causing you to leave an empty box in the fridge with the assumption that a lone can is sitting the back.

Our redesign employs the use of perforated features that the consumer is already so familiar with, reducing the barrier to entry for an added step to the user experience. Our idea is simple: firstly, we added small slotted windows along the side of the box so you can easily see how many cans remain from a side view. Secondly, we added a perforated feature on the bottom back of the box that props it up just enough so that the cans are always rolling to the front. One simply pushes in the rounded tab (identical to the one on the front) to break away the bottom corner of the box. It remains attached, and automatically folds into its final positon with guided perforations and registration tabs. With our fridgepack refresh, no can is left behind!

Design Rationale Document