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Eco Pack 2022 Cal Poly Slo

School:Cal Poly Slo
Team:Cole Murphy, Clay Carnahan, Lexi McFarlane, Emily Kovarik, Nicole Arcolino

Nothing is more recognizable than the CocaCola brand. Since CocaCola’s creation in 1892, we’ve seen the world become bigger. With 6 billion more people on the planet than 1892, we’ve seen humans travel to every corner, taking CocaCola products along with them. As a group, we wanted to take a more eco-friendly and transformable approach to the classic CocaCola twelve pack.

Along with product growth, the amount of packaging waste has also increased. While the most obvious environmental impact is the physical garbage created, inefficient use of space in shipment and warehousing due to bulky packaging materials can also contribute to climate change. As we move forward, we want to change the way you share your twelve pack of Coke, along with how you dispose of the packaging left behind.

Our new EcoPack uses reduced packaging material, significantly decreasing the amount of paperboard packaging per unit. It uses space, materials, and manufacturing processes efficiently to create an eco-friendly packaging solution. By using recycled paperboard, the material begins as post consumer material. The unbleached kraft paperboard will be easier to recycle at end of life than highly processed, dyed and coated alternatives and create a cradle to cradle material lifecycle. The glue used to attach the cans is similar to an adhesive used in Denmark. This design also reduces and simplifies the manufacturing time and processes needed, saving energy, labor and production time.

The signature red can and flavor are maintained with our ecopack packaging concept, which puts the familiar red can at the forefront of the consumer’s vision while standing out from similar products on the store shelf. The graphics of the EcoPack conform to existing brand identity with CocaCola red and white graphics, as well as sleek curves. The graphics feature simple outlines of whale tails to create an environmentally friendly appeal to the consumer. The structural dieline of the packaging utilizes rounded curves to match the graphics currently standard to CocaCola branding.

When you take CocaCola home with you, you don’t need reserve space in the fridge. Just break apart the packaging to adapt to whatever space you store it in. The current box packaging takes up ample space in the fridge despite there might only be a small number of cans left in the box. The EcoPack, however, benefits the user by adapting to how many cans are left. Simply put your Coke into the fridge and break it down until you are on your last one. Consumers can plan ahead for a week and split the pack in half and refrigerate six of them, while the other six are stored in the panty. We designed an innovative locking feature to join together two rows of three, creating an easy transportable six pack. Our design is also stackable, which creates a multitude of different possible formations for the twelve pack in your fridge. With this easy transformable design, the way you store your CocaCola is completely customizable to the consumer’s needs.

With the EcoPack, drinking your favorite beverage is easier than ever. So join the pack: the EcoPack, and never turn your back to the packaging of the future.

Design Rationale Document