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School:Georgia Institute of Technology
Team:Cynthia Li, Angie Bai, Catherine Sun

In 2002, Coca-Cola Fridgepack was the latest packaging breakthrough on their 12 can packs. Today, it’s remained virtually unchanged and is now in need of a refreshed design that matches Coca-Cola’s lively, modern brand identity.

Here, two decades later, we introduce the Duosplit.

This repack of the Coca-Cola 12 pack prioritizes the capability to divide the pack without excessive material. Thus, bringing convenience to consumers while lowering waste and production costs. The Duosplit’s 100% recyclable paperboard design provides a handle for carrying on the top and reduces packaging material while maintaining support and creating a refreshed “peek-through” shape to show the cans. Each can is fitted into circular holes on two panels within the packaging that include separate finger cutouts for convenient carrying once split apart.

Major pain points identified with the current Fridgepack is sizing in storage and ease of transport in practical uses. Our new design breaks into two packs of 6 cans using a pull-away tab, allowing different orientations in storage where they can be stacked, placed on fridge doors, and kept separately to utilize space. Done with half of the 12 pack? Rather than having to choose between keeping the box, and in turn, wasting space, or taking out cans individually and tossing the box, losing a way to transport the cans together, simply recycle half of the packaging and free up more space for better use. The 6 pack saves space and allows easy transportation to consumers. For short trips and family outings, simply split, grab a 6 pack, and enjoy the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola on the go.

The Duosplit brings a refreshing makeover to the current 12 pack design, providing convenience without sacrificing sustainability or cost.

Design Rationale Document