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Coke FLex

School:Miami Ad School
Team:Dario Cuadana, Rasha Abulhaj, Margaret Pierce, Jennifer RIchards

We invite everyone to experience a whole new kind of refreshment with the eye-catching Coca-Cola flexible push packaging fit for sharing and nature.
People only consume what interests them, so what better way to spark a new interest in the mind of the consumer, than a refreshingly exciting, gotta-have-it Coke packaging that’s so cool, you’d want to share a Coke?
The coke flex packaging is a functional, eco-friendly pack design made with cardboard that can be recycled at your local Whole Foods stores. This not only gives room for the brand visibility in a refreshing new way but also reduces cardboard usage. The is literal box reshaping solves the problem of easy reach from floor or fridge storage. Consumers can now remove one or even six cans at a time without disrupting the entire pack of sodas or storage space.

Grab a the new Coke Flexible Push Packaging and open happiness easier.
You only need three words to grab a Coke… Flex and Share!

Design Rationale Document