Coca-Cola Ice Tray

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Coca-Cola Ice Tray

School:Clemson University
Team:Christopher Garrett, Merritt Meeks, Maxwell Williams

When faced with the challenge of recreating the Coca-Cola 12-pack the ultimate goal was to eliminate the amount of material and make it more convenient for consumers. A large initiative for this design was to reduce the amount of board used in production. Modeled after a 9-panel filler allows the design to use less material than the conventional 12-pack. The material best fit for this design is a Solid Bleached Sulfate paperboard with a thickness of 16 points. Utilizing a can-shaped cavity, while being half the height of an original case, further reduces the total amount of material. This 100% recyclable container is completely made from paperboard and does not require glue to hold the box together, ultimately speeding up production as only printing, cutting, and folding are required.

The next factor taken into consideration is how the original 12-pack design is awkward to hold and makes accessing the cans difficult. To combat this inconvenience, a handle is extended from the middle in a neutral fashion to allow for natural hand placement and easy portability. The redesigned container is an open carrier inspired by the accessibility of an ice tray. Each of the 12 cavities are shaped to comfortably house a single 12 ounce can. The open design is optimal for an easy-to-grab experience. In addition, this tray is reusable allowing you to restock at your leisure without compromising the space in your fridge.

To bridge the functional and emotional aspects of this design, an ergonomic polar bear-shaped handle elevates the customer’s experience. This “Mama Bear” is accompanied by the baby polar bears displayed on the side of the tray, reminiscent of the commercials aired by Coca-Cola. On a background of Coke’s classic red, there are snowflakes cascading down from the base of the handle to the sides of the tray. To follow the winter theme, ice cubes border the corresponding side of the polar bears. To make the package more interactive for the customer’s enjoyment, jokes and facts are listed underneath each can as a fun surprise.

Design Rationale Document