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School:The Portfolio Center
Team:Mary Mattson Lewis, Alex Martens, Emily Herringdine, Olivia Quick

Under the guise of being recyclable, plastic and cardboard are the main materials behind sustainable packaging. However, when we recycle plastic, it takes 450 years for it to biodegrade in a landfill… that’s not very sustainable.

Aluminum is re-processed and back on the shelf within 60 days, making its end of life cycle infinite.

Current recyclable carriers don’t make it to the curb as often as their can-counterparts, due to the extra work of separating the materials for your curbside pick up. Our solution: one unit, same material. Keeping the mountains blue has never been more convenient.

The first 6 pack carrier to be made from recycled aluminum cans, the design works as one unit. This makes recycling all components together a no-brainer. While Hi-Cone’s machine factory line is able to customize this 9” x 7” sheet to display each of their customer’s unique brand values, what better brand to start with than the environmentally-conscious Molson Coors? We included perforated slots on top of the design for ease of carry. Coors consumers are able to pick up, drink, then pop cans and carrier into their curbside recycling container in one swoosh. Playing on the well known slogan, “when the mountains turn blue, it’s as cold as the Rockies,” we utilized organic illustration to parallel the already environmentally aware Coors brand. Our team expanded on the idea that if we don’t start with the packaging process, the mountains cease to remain blue. In order to enjoy our beer, we have to start here:

Keep Our Mountains Blue. Reuse.